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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Focal points

BICO organizes support in managing further training policies, improves cooperation between social partners and promotes the creation of resources within industrial sectors and companies. All activities are implemented within national subnets and disseminated in the European partnership.

BICO is focused on these main topics:

European exchange of information, practice and knowledge

• by info-materials, meetings, seminar, conference

Bipartite cooperation in branches and companies
• by consultation and participation of social partners in the frame of national and European networking

Implementation of supportive structures and framing conditions
• by creating of learning resources, training offers and in-company agreements

Establishment of a training culture in companies
• by in-company practice of trained  experts from workers’ and employers’ representatives

Transfer of methods and instruments
• by adapting, using and implementing of tools and processes in further training management

Negotiation in Social Dialogue
• by discussion of developmental trends and needs of qualification, consulting about sector agreements
  and continuous support for members