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Monday, May 17, 2021


Sofia: 22. till 25.04.2013
Bulgarian - English - Lithuanian - Romanian

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Training of in-company experts

Training Seminar
(22.04.2013 – 26.04.2013)

Subject: Qualification of workers’ and employers’ representatives in developing, implementation and evaluation of an “In-company  further training management system”

Program: Bulgarian - English - German - Lithuanian - Romanian
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Training Seminar

Seminar “In-company further training management”

Workers’ and employers’ representatives from companies are trained as experts for continuous vocational further training.

Based on this seminar they implement cooperative structures and common activities in their companies (skills requirements, training plans, organisation and implementation, principles for monitoring and evaluation).

The trained experts from companies receive practical knowledge in cooperative (bipartite) further training management – especially in organizing participation and training offers for all groups of workers – accompanied with an increasing learning culture.