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Monday, May 17, 2021

Our Profile

Seminars and conferences for members of works councils - focused on industrial constitution, labour and social welfare law

Sector-political cooperation with IG Metal – focused on branch seminars, conferences, seminars for groups of enterprises

Youth-political education – focused on seminars with schools and NGOs, e.g. in conflict-management, violence prevention, anti-racism, mediation

International Seminars and European Projects in cooperation with (national and European) works councils, enterprises, trade unions, social NGOs


Gisbert Brenneke
Project Manager


About AuLBI

The project is part of the international educational, social and political cooperation with workers’ representatives, trade unions and companies in the European Union.

Project Management Agency

Support Partner

Arbeit und Leben e.V. Bielefeld is an organisation committed to social and professional further education. We aim at conveying vocational, political and social knowledge to employees in particular in order to improve awareness for joint responsibilities, employee participation and self-administration. Thus we hope to further  comprehensive and well-informed cooperation between employees and employers. We are independent, but in our self-perception close to the trade unions and therefore committed to the objectives of the DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, umbrella organisation of German trade unions) and its single unions.

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Ravensberger Park 4
D - 33607 Bielefeld