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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Succeed with vocational further training

The outcomes achieved will make it possible to tackle the challenges affecting workforce development and employees’ skills, knowledge and competences resulting from the structural changes, and create opportunities for social dialogue.

That's what we want to achieve together

  • European exchange of information and experiences
    Social partners from various branches and companies have taken part in four project events and downstream activities.
  • Practical support and progress in companies
    Workers’ and employers’ representatives from enterprises have been trained as experts in company-based further training management and applied this newly acquired know-how in practice.
  • Cooperation in Social Dialogue
    Social partners have developed sectoral and company-based training agreements with compulsory standards for the organisation, participation and implementation of further training activities
  • Information and dissemination
    The project leads to additional information and transferable outcomes, which will be published and disseminated - in particular by intenet, printed flyers and reports.