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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Sector & company information

At focus: Sector development, social dialogue and qualification

"The parties included in the sectoral social dialogue exchange information and cooperate actively to solve the social and economic issues related to the prosperity of the enterprises and the people working in them and to the sustainable development of the sector. The vocational training, qualification and the continuous training of the staff is the key element for achieving these goals. For the sustainable development of the sector, creating good conditions for career development, decent work and decent wages, the social partners –  employers and trade unions – have the ambition to participate actively in policies on the labor market, the needs of professionals in the industry and their training."
Politimi Paunova (BAMI) on the 1st BICO-meeting in March 2013

"The availability of actual information about tendencies and development on the international markets (resources, proceedings, consumer needs and others) and the continuing qualification of the workers at all levels could contribute to raising innovation culture and competitiveness of the Bulgarian companies at world class level. We are convinced that with the common participation of Trade Unions and Employers in this and other projects we will contribute to: raising the level of these sectors, increasing companies competitiveness, not trough low Labour costs, but trough increasing the qualification and skills of the employees, and quality products, created by their updated knowledge and skills."
Petar Abrashev (FSOGSDP) on the 1st BICO-meeting in March 2013

"No special arguments are needed for a company to develop competence of its own employees, however, apppropriate infrastructure (training facilities, incl. remote training centres), methodological (programmes, materials, methodology, etc.) and organisational (exchanges of vocational teachers, students, etc.) support is necessary."
Dr. Henrikas Mykolaitis (LINPRA) on the 1st BICO-meeting in March 2013