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Monday, May 17, 2021

Seminar Documentation

Training of in-company promoters

Best Practice Report

Progress in branches and companies

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Best practices

At this place we document the main initiatives and results of our activities for strengthening vocational further training at sector and company levels.


Political self-commitment of social partners for sustainable cooperation in vocational further training – confirmed by the BICO-partners on 19.11.2013 in Bucharest.

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Progress Report

Main activities and results from BICO-Implementation. (Nov. 2013): EN

Information from countries

Promoting new skills, competitive work and better jobs – Results and voices from European Seminar
BICO-Newsletter 2: BG - EN LT - RO

Improved standards in vocational further training – Progress in Branches and Companies
BICO-Newsletter 4: BG - EN - LT - RO