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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Added value

For employees:

Create a stronger position in the labour market!
As an employee you will profit from continuous and systematic in-company further training. Your advantage: updated skills and new knowledge for better and well-paid work.

For employers:

Create a stronger position in the national and international competition!
As an employer you will have new opportunities with a modern further training organisation, qualified workers and systematically workforce development that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Project Objectives

BICO-project improves the position of social partners, workers and companies by strengthening vocational further training with a focus on sector cooperation and company-based activities.

We are committed to these objectives:   

  • to exchange information, practice and knowledge
  • to intensify bipartite cooperation in branches and companies
  • to strengthen workers’ representation and participation
  • to secure, protect and expand qualified employment
  • to promote qualification and social competences of employees
  • to support company-based further training
  • to qualify actors from companies as local experts for training management
  • to implement suitable methods for the analysis, planning, organisation and evaluation of further training activities
  • to improve infrastructure and learning conditions in companies
  • to develop learning agreements and build up supportive structures in companies
  • to help industrial sectors and companies to become stronger in international competition